Friday, October 18, 2013

New adventures

Most of my work has been of landscapes, but I'm adding some historic images to my portfolio. I've recently finished up an historic view of the city of Indiantown, Florida, and will be discussing a project this week on the centennial celebration of Stuart, Florida. I hope to contribute a few images to this project, with the possibility of having them published in a coffee table book. I'm interested in the Florida Cracker Trail, the trail that Florida Ranch Owners have used to take their cattle to market. It's located near Rte. 70 in central Florida, going east and west. One of the former homesteads, no longer in use, has been designated a ghost town. A fort used to lie on the property, and several old buildings remain there. I have scheduled a shoot there on November 6th. The property is closed to the public, but with a guide, I've been able to gain access. I'll keep you posted.