Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Your Camera

Do you think the device in which you capture any image truly matters? Do you think a digital camera makes better photographs than one that utilizes film? Do you think you are better because you have the resources to spend $100,000 on camera gear? Do not even think of answering yes to any of the above. What is most important is YOUR vision. How you see the world and then how you choose to interpret it with the equipment that you have. If all you own is the phone in your pocket and you have a zest for creating, you WILL succeed. If you know how to utilize that singular lens in your camera bag to its fullest extent, you WILL succeed. And finally, if you truly look at the world with the eyes of a child YOU will succeed. Now all you have to do is stop playing with trinkets and do-dads and focus on producing quality, interpretive, thoughtful, provocative photographs. So stop reading and go out and give it a try.