Friday, May 23, 2014

Fine Art

From an artist friend of mine - JB Berkow Fine Art is produced by dedicated artists who have honed their skill and vision until they are able to create in a unique and distinctive voice. This did not come easy. It took these artists years of blood sweat and tears to develop their voice. For all this work and sacrifice, they deserve our respect and an appropriate amount of money for their efforts. Fine Art is not mass produced. It is not dashed off by low-paid artisans contracted by design firms who only think of art as accent pieces to match the decor. It is not sold by large box stores. Fine Art is so much more than that. There are so many people who never think twice about paying several thousand dollars for a chair to sit in, but find it intolerable to spend the same amount for an original work of art. That attitude has to change or there will be more and more galleries closing their doors and less and less artists pursuing their dreams. That would be a travesty. Support fine art and the gallery system. Buy Art!

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