Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Spiritual Gifts

I believe we are given spiritual gifts at birth. It is up to us to explore, cultivate, and share those gifts. Having taught photography through Summer Photo Camps and with the Clover 4H of Port St. Lucie gave me the opportunity to minister my talents to younger individuals, and committing to helping children improve their quality of life. I think my services will also aid in building a better community in and around Indiantown and provide opportunities for professional growth through artistic expression. My classes will be designed to nurture each student, developing technical skills and inspire excellence. This will be done through classes, as well as hands on experiences through field trips and assignments. I wish to engage my students, allowing opportunities for expression. I am looking to involve and collaborate with other educational groups such as the Dupuis Preserve and the Lahti Library to increase the recognition for the need of arts programs here in Martin County. I will also encourage local businesses to help build community awareness for the program. Programming will consist of children 10 years old to 18. Classes should contain no fewer than five students, preferably about ten per session, with four to six classes per session. I feel this program can work continually throughout the year. Sincerely, Kevin Boldenow

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